Immigration Consultation for Canada

Start now your plans to immigrate or to get your Canadian Visa:

Immi Canada does not support permanent residency processes for the Province of Quebec.

We can help with your PR plans if your goal is to reside anywhere else in Canada.

To book an appointment in English, Portuguese or Cantones with our immigration consultant Celina Hui, please follow the instruction below:

* Decide what consultation package suits you better;

* Fill your information and proceed with the payment; (everything and less than 5 minutes)

* New consultation fees applied from May 22, 2020.

** Important: In case you have already been refused a Canadian Visa, we recommend you to request a ATIP before making the consultation booking, For ATIP requests and analysis please send us an e-mail to contact@immi-canada.com.

***Please, for our Terms and Conditions, click here.