Get to know the first steps


Choose a program that makes you elegible to a work permit. Under the current regulation it is no longer possible to work while taking language lessons.

Once enrolled in an accredited learning institute you will be elegible to request your study visa and work permit.

The work permit allows the holder to work up to 20h/week during the study term and 40h/week during the study break. Spouses will be entitled to an Open Work Permit with no time restrictions.

How about the Study Permit


First you will need to choose an educational institution, bearing in mind that only a certain type of instituitions can make you elegible to work. In case you have any doubts our Education Consultancy partner 3RA Intercâmbio will be able to assist you. Once enrollment is done you will receive from the insituition of choice a Letter of Acceptance (LoA).


In this phase we will assist you in gathering the required documents, advising you which shall need certified translation, filling out forms, reviewing letter of intention and all the remaining aspects of your application.

How does the initial consultation work?



Check our consultants’ availability and pick the best time for your appointment.


Payment / Confirmation

After scheduling your appointment you’llhave 48h to perform payment. Once payment is confirmed you will receive an e-mail with information about your consultation.



Your profile will be evaluated to determine the possibilities that better suit your needs

Make your appointment or request your visa through us

Contact us by filling out the form. Our team will contact you via e-mail or phone to make your appointment. Once payment is confirmedd you will receive all information