Know the First Steps


Choose the educational program that fits the immigration requirements to provide you with the possibility of working during your studies. Currently, it is not allowed to work while taking English programs.

After the registration in a Designated Learning Institution that meets the criteria, you may request your study permit with permission to work.

The permission of work allows the student to work up to 20 hours per week while attending classes and 40 hours during institution scheduled breaks. Accompanying spouse have the right to request an Open Work Permit.

We also offer a service called Pre-Analysis for those who intend to visit or study  in Canada, but are still in doubt whether their profile meet the immigration requirements.


Video translation:
Would you like to visit or study in Canada?
Are having doubts whether your profile meets the immigration requirements for a temporary visa?
Immi Canada offers you with the profile pre-analysis!
The Pre-Analysis mainly includes a detailed analysis of your proof of financial means and ties with your home country.
Currently, these two points are crucial when applying for a temporary visa.
Looking for more information regarding the Pre-analysis, please reach us at contact@immi-canada.com

What are the next steps for the study permit?


After you have chosen the designated learning institution that allows you to work while studying, you will register in it and receive a Letter of Acceptance. In case you need help, our business partner 3RA will assist you with your choice, registration and documentation.


At this point we will assist you gathering the documents needed, even the ones that need a sworn translation. We will then assist you with the immigration forms, intention letter and following application. The application process is very detailed, that is why it is so important the help of our experienced team.

How does the initial consultation work?



Choose the best day and time for the meeting according to our consultant’s availability.



After the booking, you will have 48h to make the payment. With the payment confirmation, we will send you an e-mail with all information for your consultation.



We will assess your profile and the programs that matches your expectation and needs . We will also clarify any doubts about other immigration matters.

Still having questions? Send us a message!

Ask your question filling the form on the side. One of our team members will contact you as soon as possible, either by e-mail or phone.