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Work while studying

This is our clients` favorite choice when it comes to work in Canada.  In this case it will be applied for a study permit with permission to work while properly registered and studying in a designated learning institution.


The Post Graduation Work Permit is a work permit issued after the student has finished and graduated in their program. The length of the graduated educational program must be at least 8 months, and must be attended in an institution certified to offer the PGWP. The work permit can be issued with validity of up to 3 years, depending on the educational program.


After the immigration process has been concluded you will receive your permanent residency, and it will be possible for you to work freely without worrying about length of stay or permits. There are over 60 immigration programs for you.


The Labor Market Impact Assessment program is when the Canadian employer, through a market survey, shows the government that it was no possible to fill a job position with a local employee, thus needing a foreigner for the job.  In this case, the employer will sponsor your work visa.

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