AEO – Arranged Employment Opinion

B-1 – Business visitor visa

C-1 – Courtesy visa

CBSA – Canada Border Services Agency

CEC – Canadian Experience Class

CELPIP – Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada

CIO – Centralized Intake Office

CLB – Canadian Language Benchmark

CPC – Case Processing Centre

CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System

D-1 – Diplomatic visa

ECA – Educational Credential Assessment

EE – Express Entry

ESDC – Employment and Social Development Canada

FC – Family Class

FST | FSTP – Federal Skilled Trades | Federal Skilled Trades Program

FSW | FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker | Federal Skilled Worker Program

GoC – Government of Canada

HRSDC – Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

ICCRC – Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

IELTS – International English Language Testing System

ITA – Invitation to Apply

LC – Live-in Caregiver

LMIA (antigo LMO) – Labour Market Impact Assessment

LMO (substituído pelo LMIA) – Labour Market Opinion

MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

NLPNP – Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program

NSNP – Nova Scotia Nominee Program

NOC – National Occupational Classification

O-1 – Official visa

UCI – Unique Client Identifier (Client Identification Number)

OCWP | OCWPP – Off-Campus Work Permit | Off-Campus Work Permit Program

OSC – Operations Support Centre

OWP – Open Work Permit

PG-1 – Super Visa (Pais e Avós)

PGWP | PGWPP – Post-Graduation Work Permit | Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

PR – Permanent Resident

S-1 – Student visa

SIN – Social Insurance Number

SINP – Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

SW-1 – Student visa with work permit (concedido para o antigo Study and Work program)

SX-1 – Tourist visa com study permit

TEF – Test d’évaluation de français

TRP – Temporary Resident Permit

TRV – Temporary Resident Visa

TOEFL – Test Of English as a Foreign Language

V-1 – Visitor visa (concedido a turistas)

VH-1 – Transit visa

VOS – Verification of Status

W-1 – Work visa

WX-1 – Work visa que não requer work permit

WES – World Education Services

WP – Work Permit

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